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In today’s world of Social, Mobile, Application and interconnectivity, it is important for every organization out there in the Digital world, to ensure the security of its people, process and technology. The means securing the network to protect its information lying on various digital touch points. There are various ways for connecting to the network including Wired LAN, WAN, wireless, Remote VPN etc., this opens a huge window of threat vectors increasing the organization’s risk and decreasing its security posture.

Hence, it is important for every organization, be it big or small, to practice an independent technical assessment and review, time to time to add to the overall security, acting as a supplement to the technical competence of the network designers and implementers. In addition to the data center & network, the other important assets would should including various applications, databases, storage etc. which are processing or storing the organizational information.

We are Inflexion tech, provide Information Security Consultancy Services which include Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing of networks, Network Security Architecture Review, Application Security etc.

Technology Focus

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  • Daily Stand up / Weekly meetings
  • Iteration Planning Board
  • Iteration retrospective meetings
  • Domain Driven Design
  • UML modeling
  • Design principles & Patterns
  • Coding Standard & Guidelines